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Polyester consumes resources like energy and water to be produced and by the end of its life it can cause harm to the environment if not properly disposed of or recycled. So, we’re on a mission to find better solutions. As a first step, we're using recycled polyester to substitute virgin polyester wherever possible. Instead of creating new polyester from oil, we're recycling existing PET, originating from plastic waste such as bottles. Rest assured, we will still deliver the same style, high performance and durability while significantly reducing the impact on the environment. All our recycled products are tested to ensure they meet our highest quality standards and are free of harmful chemicals, just like we do for virgin materials.


Minimal impact on the environment is our goal. By using recycled polyester, we reduce the environmental impact by 20-60% compared to virgin polyester. The process uses less water, chemicals and less energy during production. It also reduces the amount of CO2 emissions that end up in our atmosphere. But we can't do it alone. A significant amount of the environmental impact of polyester clothing is caused by using and washing it. We all have a role to play.


Wash less, wash cold, fill the machine when washing and line dry. When you are done using your products, think of donating, swapping or disposing of them properly.


We're working to save our oceans, for us and generations to come. That's why we're using recycled materials to prevent waste and conserve resources.