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Women’s red trousers

Set the scene with a bold splash of colour below the waist. These funky red trousers for women give a dashing look that is reminiscent of street style from the 80s and 90s. Lush red and scarlet tones are complemented by contrasting 3-Stripes running along the sides of the trousers. Retro flair is boosted even further on models featuring the Trefoil logo. Easily combined with runners or casual shoes, adidas women’s red trousers aren’t confined to one look. The athletic DNA of these pants shines through, yet they can also be worn in more formal settings.

Let your legs swing freely

Providing freedom of movement and full coverage down to the ankles, women’s red trousers are nice and functional. You can choose between slim, regular and loose-fitting options that have different tapering profiles. All of the collection, however, allows a wide range of motion in the hips and a secure feel around the waist. Mid-rise styles look great with shorter tops while standard cuts offer plenty of versatility. Whether old-school tracksuit bottoms or thicker joggers are more your vibe, adidas red trousers for women deliver unrivalled comfort. Step up your casualwear fashion and embrace lifting your legs higher than ever before.

The small details make an impact

Beyond their groovy appearances, women’s red trousers are loaded with crafty features. You’ll find cuffs at the bottom of the legs that hug the ankles for a streamlined silhouette and provide the option of shortening the trousers to benefit from increased airflow. Elastic waists lock red trousers for women in place, meaning you can jump and run without the fear of them slipping down. Dynamic materials such as cotton, recycled polyester, elastane interlock and nylon are used for a soft touch on the inside. Hidden zip pockets are fantastic for stashing your phone, keys and wallet while not impacting on the profile of the trousers.