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Swim accessories

Being equipped with the right swimwear isn’t enough if you want to really make the most of your training session. Swimming accessories are just as important, and when chosen correctly they will provide the right support and make the difference between a good and a great swim. In the adidas collection of swimming accessories, you’ll find swim caps to hold your hair in place and swim goggles to help you see under the water, both of which are essential for outstanding performance, as well as nose clips to keep the water out. But support doesn’t stop inside the pool – you’ll also find adidas swimming accessories to aid you after your swim, such as sliders, swim towels and swimming dressing gowns to get you dry and re-energised, plus swim bags to help you carry all your necessities.

Full support starts with the right technologies

Each item in the swimming accessories collection has been researched and designed to give you full support during your exercise session. Silicone swim caps have been pre-moulded to fit your head comfortably, and are tear-resistant so you can put them on and take them off with ease. Fabric swim caps are softer on the hair and have been coated with a water-repellent material to help keep your hair dry. adidas swimming goggles offer wide vision and UV protection for the eyes and have also been treated with ANTIFOG treatment to keep your vision clear at all times. adidas swim towels and swimming dressing gowns are designed with lightweight cotton fabric that dries quickly to keep you comfortable.

Accessories for all

adidas swimming accessories are available for men, women and children, and amongst the more common accessories such as swim hats, you'll also find swimming headbands, hand paddles, adidas beach towels and more.