Running Shoes

Our adidas running shoes are built with the lightest friendrials to make sure every step is ultrafast. Chase down your running goals in performance-enhancing comfort. Whether you need a running shoe for every day, long distance races or rugged terrain, adidas' range has something that with suit your needs. Each pair of shoes for runners in our collection is designed with a surface in mind. Road, track, treadmill, trail or street. Running on each surface has its own specific requirement and demands which is why we tailor our range to the surfaces and conditions you'll be training on. Also available in an extensive range of colors, patterns and styling, you can make each run your own with our adidas shoes for running.
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Running shoes

No matter what you need, we have the right product for you. Running is perhaps the purest, most universal form of fitness. Whether you're competing on the track, aiming for a marathon, a 5k run or a jog in the park, running is open to us all. Your shoes are the most essential equipment you need. Selecting the best adidas running shoes, for your feet, performance and overall experience, is the first step in achieving your goals. Different types of running - track, trail or road - require a specific shoe design. As do varied locations, styles and the natural shape of your foot. Whatever your run, whatever your pace and style, adidas has the right runners for you.
Choosing the best running shoe
Wherever your run takes you, your running shoes should give you comfort, protection and support where and when you need it most. Many of us enjoy a mix of different types of running. Sometimes we hit the street road running; other times we push our speed limits track running; and sometimes we take the run off road and explore new terrain trail running. Whether it's a casual 5k or you are looking for marathon trainers. The important start point is selecting the right adidas running shoes for your run.
Experience counts
Experience plays an important role in running shoe selection. Always choose sport shoes that have the right level of support, that your feet are comfortable with if you are planning to undertake new high impact running. adidas have shoes designed specifically for beginners. Click through to narrow down your selection with either men's and women's running shoes .