Women Tennis Shoes

adidas women’s tennis shoes feature lightweight mesh uppers, responsive midsoles and dynamic outsoles creating a perfectly balanced trainer. Preparing you for a great game. Our first-class selection of tennis shoes for women has all of the performance-enhancing technology to help you lift your game to the next level. Options include extra grip soles to ensure traction as you are cutting across the court at sharp angles and extra cushioning to help protect your feet from harsh impacts or clay courts. Stay light on your feet with our tennis shoes for ladies, lightweight friendrials that move with you on the court and never weigh you down. Our women's tennis shoes are available in a stunning range of eye-catching colors, so your personal style can shine through as you blitz your opposition.

Tennis shoes for women with loads of style and protection

Enjoy the iconic style of adidas on any court. adidas understands that tennis shoes for women need to be more than just a trainer. You need loads of style, guaranteed comfort and impenetrable protection. Athletic shoes that let your feet breath in any occasion and those that can withstand the rigour of a lightning-quick serve. From the cool and breathable classics to the responsive cushioned effect of the modern sole, these versatile tennis shoes for women are sure to finish off any sports look.

Choosing your perfect tennis trainer

The adidas range of tennis shoes for women deliver all the style and balance you'll need. Such is the variety of tennis sneakers available, you'll find something suitable for all occasions - day or night, rain or shine. For a shoe that delivers ventilation and moisture management, innovative Climacool fabric lets fresh air in and pushes sweat and heat out. And for a flexible bounce that keeps you on your toes, midsole cushioning lets you own the court in comfort. Many of us will benefit from a mix of sports shoes to cater to the type of tennis surface we enjoy. When you need protection from the wear and tear of vigorous on-court action, our abrasion-resistant materials safeguard those high-risk areas.

The benefit of experience

Experience will tell you what kind of footwear is appropriate to help boost your game. Whether you've started training, beginning to compete or have world dominance on your mind, tennis shoes are available to us all. And to maximise your performance, you need a sports shoe you can trust. Footwear that can both keep you light on your feet and provide support for your body. Trainers that are designed to stand up to the rough and tumble of a tournament. The adidas collection of tennis shoes for women gives you it all.

Are you ready to take the next shot? Make the next move? Or return the next volley? Tennis requires a lot of lateral movement, so you need a pair of tennis shoes that are built to provide your feet with the right support, traction and cushioning. With adidas womens tennis shoes, we have designed comfortable ladies tennis shoes that offer the correct stability for side-to-side movement. When deciding what type of tennis shoes to go for, you just need to think about the court you’ll be playing on, as this will affect the technology and fit of your footwear.

Hard and grass court womens tennis shoes

On a hard or a grass court, the main feature you need from your ladies tennis shoes is traction. Your footwear needs to be durable enough to cope with the hard nature of the court’s surface, with a TPU chassis that ensures maximum stability during extreme lateral movements. With all-court adidas ladies tennis shoes, you can expect footwear crafted from abrasion-resistant materials that protect from wear and tear. The Adiwear outsole also offers durability in all weather conditions. During each step, the Boost midsole compresses and helps release energy, aiding your performance on hard or grass surfaces.

Clay court womens tennis shoes

Due to slippery conditions on clay, your ladies tennis shoes need to offer lateral support in the upper part of your shoe so that you don’t slide around on court. The adidas ladies tennis shoes for clay courts are constructed with a lightweight Sprintframe that delivers stability. During serves you can avoid foot drag with anti-abrasion Adituff protection and benefit from responsive cushioning thanks to Adiprene+ in the forefoot. With the help of superior cushioning from Boost midsole technology, you’ll feel flexible and bouncy underfoot, as well as staying comfortable throughout your match.