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Sports bags, Backpacks & gym bags

Power VI Backpack
Essentials Logo Duffel Bag Large
Motion Badge of Sport Backpack
Essentials 3-Stripes Duffel Bag Small
4ATHLTS Duffel Bag Extra Small
Power VI Backpack
Classic Badge of Sport 3-Stripes Backpack
4ATHLTS Duffel Bag Small
Classic Badge of Sport Backpack
Classic Backpack
Waist Bag
Classic Badge of Sport Backpack
Essentials Logo Gym Sack
Adicolor Branded Webbing Waist Bag
Essentials 3-Stripes Response Backpack
Motion Badge of Sport Backpack
Daily II Backpack
Rich Mnisi Festival Bag
adidas Yoga Backpack
CL Classic Backpack
Classic Backpack Extra Large
CL Classic Backpack
Essentials Logo Duffel Bag Extra Small
Adicolor Backpack
Classic Future Icon 3-Stripes Backpack
Essentials Logo Duffel Bag Extra Small
Running Waist Bag
Classic Fabric Graphic Backpack
Graphic Waist Bag
Adicolor Backpack
Classic Badge of Sport Backpack
Essentials Logo Backpack
Sports Backpack
Camo Classic Backpack
Running Belt
Handy Running Case
adidas by Stella McCartney Backpack
Y-3 Crossbody Sling Bag
Y-3 Classic Weekender Bag
Y-3 Waistbag
CNY Backpack
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Only the best women's bags from adidas

Make your life easier with a women’s bag from adidas. These bags are made from polyester. The backpacks come with ergonomic shoulder straps that have extra padding and can be adjusted according to your comfort. These straps help prevent you from experiencing back or shoulder pain while you walk around with heavy backpacks. Women's bags often have an additional webbed pocket for holding your water bottler or juice bottle. This allows you to stay hydrated throughout the day. The backpacks come in a wide range of colours including white, black, red and grey. Some of the backpacks also have the classic 3-Stripes design. While the regular backpacks offer a capacity of 24 litres, you can also opt for the larger ones which offer a capacity of up to 44.75 litres.

Trendy waist bags

Waist bags are a great way to safeguard your valuables when you are stuck in a crowd or travelling to a new destination. It leaves your hands free as you take plenty of pictures and enjoy the ride. Waist bags are also useful during daily commutes as you get to enjoy your coffee and without worrying about holding onto your bag. The waist bags for women from adidas come with a front zip pocket so that you have easy access at all times. It is made from nylon, thereby keeping your things safe from water or any other unexpected spills. The padded adjustable strap ensures that the waist bag can be used by people of different ages and sizes.

High-quality duffle bags

adidas also offers duffel bags in different sizes. Many people use these bags on their way to the gym or for a weekend escape trip. These duffle women bags are made from recycled polyester and come with handles and shoulder strap for added comfort and practicality.