Running Accessories


Enjoy the comfort of our running accessories

When it comes to running in comfort, adidas have got a range of accessories that’ll make you feel and look the part. From socks, caps, belts, and armbands, you have a great choice of gear for all running conditions. With an array of attractive colours and designs, you won’t look out of place on the running track. Our socks, for instance, are designed for everyday comfort. With added support to ensure a secure fit, you’ll notice how the support of the cotton fabric goes well with your trainers’ natural fit. Each item has a trendy design and dons our famous 3-Stripes.

Running accessories that are perfect for sports and leisure

Whether you need running accessories for long endurance runs, for playing other sports or even just for leisure, adidas have plenty of great designs for you to choose from. Our range of caps is ideal for summer jogs, tennis matches or even leisurely days on the beach. During heavy workouts, our headbands will soak up all the sweat resulting from your hard work. Thanks to their great design and focus on comfort and support, our running socks offer the best protection for your feet, even during your hardest runs.

Take care of your running accessories, and they’ll take care of you

When it comes to caring for your adidas running accessories, we’ve got you covered. Each product has easy-to-read care instructions to ensure they are always in the best condition. Make sure to machine wash socks, caps, and headbands only on delicate cycles at cool temperatures. Don’t use fabric softener; use only a mild detergent and wash your accessories with similar colours.