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Shoot your next hoop in style with adidas basketball balls

When you’re heading out for a game of basketball, one of the most essential items to have is a good quality ball. Whether you’re looking for a ball suited to the indoors or outdoors, and whether you prefer the classic orange colour or prefer the more stylish black colour, in this selection of basketball balls by adidas, you are guaranteed to find the one that suits your needs and preferences. Show off your love for the brand by picking a ball enveloped with the 3-Stripes or choose a more discrete style that showcases the Badge of Sport. If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids active, you will find smaller sized balls that will keep them playing for hours.

Superior design for a basketball ball with superior performance

Basketball balls in this adidas selection have all been designed using superior material and technologies that ensure a durable performance. The addition of a polyurethane cover on the outside helps with the management of moisture and ensures a firm grip at all times, while the inclusion of a Butyl bladder helps with reaching optimal air retention and gives your ball durability so you can use it with confidence.

Choose the right ball for the right court

When choosing a basketball ball, it is important to consider the type of court you will be playing in. A ball constructed with synthetic durable leather, for example, can be used for both indoor and outdoor courts, making it an ideal choice for those who like to play ball all year round. But if you’re looking for an outdoor court ball that will last, look for one made with natural rubber, as it can withstand harsher conditions. And when it comes to kids’ balls, they are made with vulcanised rubber, which makes it more elastic and softer on the touch.