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All-black jerseys for the gym or the street

Some say black is a safe colour; we say black is a stand out colour. You can't go wrong in the adidas all-black jerseys, designed for both style and comfort. Made from a range of lightweight materials, these jerseys will leave you feeling dry and ventilated on the court.

Keep it fresh keep it cool in all-black jerseys

Whether you are shooting hoops in the basketball court, kicking a football on the field, or working those legs on the running track, we have something in our range of jerseys in black to suit your needs. We take pride in doing our bit for the environment, so we have included recyclable polyester in our items. These help to save resources and reduce emissions. Also, the lightweight material make the jerseys easy to slip on and off and fold quickly to fit into your gym bag - perfect for when you are in a rush. Let's face it who doesn't love a bit of black? adidas have carefully crafted the all-black jersey range so that they complement your style for everyday use and when you are taking part in activities.

Get the best out of your all-black jerseys

Whatever the weather, wear your black jersey and enjoy comfort and convenience. We have long sleeve options for when the weather is cold, wet, or windy. So you'll be sure to stay warm. And we have jerseys for hotter weather conditions - helping you stay cool and fresh so that you can enjoy your activities and still have fun. Going for a vest when you are playing sports like basketball is a great option as they are sleeveless allowing you to shoot those free throws, and they include laser-cut ventilation - making them breathable and cool.

Style and substance collide with the black jersey from adidas

Look and feel the part with the great selection of black jerseys from adidas. Whether you need to get an all black jersey for football training, cycling or going to the gym, you’ll find your performance will improve as a result. Stay cool under pressure with the breathable fabric used in the designs. Choose from a range of fits, from athletic to regular, so you can choose how tight your jersey is. Enjoy comfortable, flexible material that will compliment every movement your body makes whilst you work out.