Blue · Bags


Blue bags in models large and small for all your individual needs

No matter what the occasion or purpose, the adidas collection of blue bags covers a wide range of designs and options that are perfect for your individual needs and those of your family. Select from durable duffle bags in sizes large and small with a separate compartment for shoes and loads of pockets for additional storage, or perhaps a compact sack with drawstrings instead of straps is more to your liking. Additional models include blue bags that can be stylishly worn about the waist to provide quick access without slowing you down when you’re on the go, and designer bags fit for the office.

adidas blue bags are fit for every purpose or pursuit

Speaking of fitness, our adidas blue bags have passed our rigorous fitness test so we can attest to their strength and reliability regardless of what you throw in them. Blue bags such as backpacks can accommodate books and school supplies for your school-age kids or textbooks and papers for those away at university, not to mention files and other documents related to your job. When it comes to leisure pursuits, our blue bags can also save the day as consummate gym bags for all your workout attire or as tidy holdalls for travelling.

By tab, sling or strap: blue adidas bags simplify the way you travel

Any member of your family can carry one of our versatile blue adidas bags for all their daily requirements. Our duffle bags are splendid for those occasions that require some heavy lifting, like long holiday trips abroad or spending a week or two near the seaside during the school summer break. Whether you carry them by the tab or sling, or strap them on your shoulders, blue adidas bags were designed to help simplify the way you travel with flair, purpose and convenience, allowing you to concentrate on the more pressing matters in life.