In workouts, there are plenty of things to focus on. Sweat shouldn’t be one of them. adidas Climalite fabric keeps you dry and regulates your body temperature, so you can keep your head in the game. The moisture-wicking technology in adidas Climalite shirts and accesories sweeps sweat away from your body, moving it to the surface of the fabric, where it’s quickly evaporated. Also preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria, Climalite football jerseys and training tights keep things cool from head to toe, on or off the pitch.


In the early 2000s, development of performance fabric technologies at adidas was rapidly evolving. Born of that era was Climalite fabric: Moisture-wicking and fast-drying, it allowed athletes to push further, dig deeper, and stay cool in every condition. Today, the technology in adidas Climalite clothing and accesories technology has transcended performance wear to appear across the adidas product line, from football jerseys to Originals graphic tees, giving comfort to everyone, whether on or off the field.

Frequently Asked Questions About adidas Climalite

What's the difference between Climalite and AEROREADY?

adidas first began making sports apparel with Climalite fabric in 1986 — the material is designed to wick moisture to keep athletes dry and comfortable. Since then, adidas has made a number of material innovations. In the 2020s, AEROREADY is adidas’ most up-to-date moisture management system. AEROREADY uses absorbent fabric to help keep you dry as you move, in a range of conditions.

Which is better, Climalite or Climacool?

adidas Climalite and Climacool take different approaches to keeping athletes comfortable when they work out. Climalite is sweat-wicking fabric. Climacool is a system of ventilation, used in both performance clothing and shoes, that puts elements like mesh, quick-drying fabric and vents to work in order to move sweat away from the body. In the 2020s, adidas products have evolved from the Clima family of technologies to RDY, including AEROREADY, COLD.RDY and HEAT.RDY.

What is Climalite fabric?

adidas Climalite is moisture-absorbing fabric made to wick sweat to keep athletes dry and comfortable. First introduced in 1986, Climalite was part of a family of products that used the Clima name, including Climacool and Climaproof. Since the ’80s, adidas has made material innovations and moved away from the Clima name. In the 2020s, the most up-to-date fabric for managing sweat is called AEROREADY.