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Originals crew socks offer athletic comfort with adidas flair

Take your feet to a new level of athletic support and comfort with our Originals crew socks. You can choose from a number of styles, including regular fit, mid cut, cuff socks and socks with ruffles. They're made from a carefully balanced blend of highly engineered materials and fabrics, combining cotton, nylon, polyester and elastane. The result is a very comfortable, supportive and stretchy athletic sock. Stylishly ribbed upper sections meet half cushioned footbeds, providing durability and a slight cushioning effect that nicely complements the cushioning in our trainers. They also offer a great choice of colours and designs, from the traditional solids to camo and even glitter effects. You can buy them in handy pre-matched packs for convenience. For a more vintage look try our cuff socks with smooth uppers and ribbed cuffs.

adidas Originals crew socks are true all-rounders

You definitely won't run out of uses for your Originals crew socks. First and foremost, they're designed for sports performance. The stretchy feel isn't just there for comfort: it's there to securely hug your foot and help prevent unnecessary movement that could result in chafing, especially when you're sweating during a workout. Their textile blend also makes them breathable and will help to absorb and evaporate sweat more efficiently. You can use them to train for virtually any sport and put them on whenever you're going running or heading for the gym. They make great court socks too, perfect for games like tennis with ruffled ankle socks for women in addition to the standard varieties. They're also bound to become staples around the house or poolside, and you can also wear them in the clubhouse after a sports practise with a pair of sliders. Whether you want to go all out or just put your feet up and relax, you'll find these crew socks will serve you in a multitude of ways.