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Men's crew socks

Men's crew socks keep your feet warm during the cold period whether you’re out with friends or indoors. They gently protect you heel to toe with a cotton-rich fabric. The seams of these men's crew socks have no rough edges or loose threads, which often gives socks a poorly knitted look. These fit snugly around your ankle with a little stretch, and an anti-slip design on the cuff and footbed which guards against accidental slips and falls. The diverse designs of our men's crew socks give the collection an exciting and appealing look, and even more so when they’re made in camouflage or a solid colour with white stripes. Our men's crew socks come in various colours – the range isn't limited to standard shades of white, blue, black and brown. Depending on the outfits you need to match them to, you can get pairs in hues like orange, pink, royal blue and even flowery patterns. The colour combinations available with a pair of crew socks for men is endless.

Men's crew socks style and benefits

Men's crew socks are one of the nine different types of socks available in our collections as either dress or casual stockings. The crew length of these men's socks stays within a measurement of 6 to 8 inches, so that you can easily pair them with your trousers. Although the purpose of wearing men's crew socks is to keep your feet warm and dust-free, they also offer unique features like compression at the arch and ankle. This considerably improves blood circulation around the foot – another beneficial attribute of men’s crew socks. Additionally, with men's crew socks you won’t be lost when finding the right fit – each pair is anatomically designed such that there is an individual fit for the left foot and another for the right foot.