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Take your game to the next level with our extensive range of performance-enhancing basketball shorts for men. With an impressive range of options including casual, joggers and sports basketball shorts for men, our range has a pair for you. adidas men's basketball shorts come with a range of features including lightweight, breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics, pockets to store your stuff and zip pockets for extra security when you are bouncing around the court. Try something different with our reversible options giving you two shorts in one and ultra-light mesh basketball shorts for men which are quick dry and easy to wear. Available in a wide range of colors and detailing choices to suit every wardrobe and let your personality shine.

Men's basketball shorts for champions who rule the court

Stepping out on the court in perfect style is essential for champions. While you deliver perfection in your game skills, men's basketball shorts deliver that perfection in comfort and appeal. adidas has crafted these shorts with unrivalled precision that will help you stay at the peak of your performance. Equipped with the newest technologies, adidas basketball shorts offer great comfort and support as the game heats up. Sleek cuts and sophisticated engineering make them the most favoured companion for both newbies and great seasoned players. You can find basketball shorts in various sizes, styles and colours to pick the ones that sync ideally with your style. If you are an environmental enthusiast, you can add this eco-friendly apparel to your sports collection with pride.

Men's basketball shorts for hard training and intense games

Nothing can match the expertise of adidas apparel when it comes to sportswear. Men's basketball shorts are another example of our excellence and keep your energy and zeal up under any circumstances. Lightweight, quick-dry material feels cool, dry and fresh even as the game is at the height of intensity. The sweat-wicking feature keeps your skin cool and comfortable on the hot days and prevents skin issues. These shorts allow liberated and swift movement as you dodge your opponents and go for that basket. Its adaptive Formotion design adjusts well to your body shape and provides an excellent fit. The stretchy build adds to the comfort as you make quick turns and movements on the court. No matter what the weather is like or what the conditions are, adidas shorts help you train the way you want and compete at the highest level with utmost conviction.

Style your men's basketball shorts the best way

Basketball shorts are the preferred choice for both on-court action and off-court relaxation. These shorts provide great performance as you hit the basket on the court and impeccable comfort in the dressing room. You can also pick them to show your support for your favourite players from the stand or when chilling at home. Pairing our shorts with sporty adidas t-shirts or jumpers can immediately add an athletic touch to your outfit. You can be creative and mix them with your street or stadium style for an eye-catching edgy look.