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An essential accessory for your daily workout: men’s performance sports socks and leg warmers

Whatever adidas shoe you pick, the sport sock you wear with it can help to improve your comfort and performance. Different sports demand different kinds of protection for your feet due to the nature of the sport, specific playing surface and footwear worn. Lightweight men’s performance sports socks serve to cushion your feet from impact and keep them cool through the most enduring workouts so you can focus on performance. Made specifically for activities such as running, weightlifting, football, handball, golf, basketball and outdoor training, adidas men’s sports socks also feature targeted cushioning and compression. This helps to promote recovery and reduce muscle soreness after a long endurance run or challenging HIIT session at the gym.

Lightweight men’s performance sports socks

No-show running socks have an anatomical design to provide targeted cushioning for your left and right feet, anti-slip cuffs and mesh ventilation to manage moisture. Knee-length football socks offer protection and comfort with extra cushioning on high-stress areas. Crew-length basketball socks feature ankle and arch compression and an ultra-cushioned footbed for on-the-court comfort. Golf socks are made from soft fabric that integrates breathable insulation, a water-repellent build and a padded sole for spending quality time on the green.

Men’s performance sports socks and leg warmers for everyday comfort

Constructed from a durable blend of cotton, polyester and elastane for comfort and support, adidas men’s sport socks are also made from ECONYL® regenerated yarn, which comes from recycled fishing nets and discarded nylons. Available in different lengths and ideal for everyday wear, sports socks for men come in classic black or white as well as range of bright colours, and are finished with the 3-Stripes. Football fans can also find models with team emblems to show their support. Classic designs are sold in packs of three so you always have a spare pair.