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Pink running t-shirts reinvigorate tired athletic gear

You never miss a training session and you possess flawless technique; it’s time to shake things up in the wardrobe department. adidas has a collection of pink running t-shirts to reinvigorate your training gear, reset your attitude and get you ready to stomp all over the competition. Sustainable materials, like pure recycled polyester, excite the skin while advanced tech such as HEAT.RDY wicks sweat away so it cools the body, thereby promoting long-lasting freshness and energy reserves to get you over the line ahead of the pack.

It’s hard to deny the advantages of pink running tees from adidas

Whoever blamed the heat for losing never wore an adidas pink running tee. It’s hard to completely understand the advantages of breathable sleeveless tanks or the comfort of lightweight crewneck shirts when you’ve never worn one. For those who claim the chill was a factor, we offer long-sleeved AEROREADY models with reflective details for early morning and late evening runs. Finally, to those who believe that they lack the will to endure, try an energetic graphic t-shirt for a generous boost of adrenaline and then mark the calendar for the next competition.

Pink running shirts when you’ve exhausted the list of excuses

Pink running shirts are available for men and women in sizes from 2XS to 4X which takes care of another excuse while we’re on the subject. Once you’ve exhausted the list of defences, there’s only one sensible option left. Different hues and graphics require slightly different care instructions so always read the tags before you wash them. Here’s a shortlist of dos and don’ts to make things easier: don’t use bleach, fabric softener or dry-cleaning supplies; do separate your colours, use mild detergents and set the iron to cool to get rid of any wrinkles.