It's not only professional football players or basketballers that can form teams. Colleagues in the office, groups of friends with a common passion for football or any other sport can create teams, and when this happens, they need the proper clothing for their team. Teamwear that boosts the confidence of teammates ensures better coordination and eventual success of the group. The comfort, fit and appearance of teamwear are some features that build faith in a group. A team kitwith a regular fit, not too tight or too loose, takes up the body structure of the individual, ensuring a flattering look. The fabric type plays a more significant role in determining the quality, synergy and quantity of output in any competition the team is a part of. Unless the weather is cold, teamwear fabrics should be able to wick away the sweat generated during sports activities - this will keep your teammates dry and comfortable all through the event. To further ensure that your teammates stay cool and dry all day, look-out for teamwear with mesh design details for more ventilation. You could also opt for short sleeves, so your teammates have more body area exposed to airflow.

Adding value to your adidas teamwear

On cold-weather training days, training wear in the form of overalls can ensure that team members are protected from the cold. A beautiful pair of socks with mesh ventilation inserts and support for high-stress areas would further protect against freezing. However, after a couple of hours of training, your team members are sure to have worked up a sweat, so invest in overalls that have moisture-wicking technology built in. In cases of extreme cold weather conditions, a neck warmer could make a difference in their training performance for the day by providing extra comfort. The neck warmer comes with a drawstring so members of the team can adjust accordingly to suit their neck sizes and comfort level. Picking your adidas team wear should be done carefully, bearing in mind factors that could influence performance on the field.