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Discounts on top-quality performance trainers in our women's NMD sale

We have a wide range of these very distinctive trainers on offer in our women's NMD sale. They’re extremely stylish, with modern accents and angles, and come in a choice of bold and vibrant colours or the traditional adidas black and white combinations. They’ve been designed to offer just the right middle ground between a dedicated sports trainer and a sports casual shoe that you can wear about town as part of your casual wear wardrobe. All of them have advanced foot support technology, so your feet will be well looked after, no matter whether you’re relaxing or training in them. They have high-traction rubber outsoles to give you the confidence of underfoot stability, and their flexible mesh uppers create a very snug yet never tight fit. All of this adidas technology and construction know-how is available on special offer, so this is a great chance to save on some of the most highly engineered and sophisticated trainers around.

A women's NMD outlet that looks after all your needs

If you’re simply looking for a supportive and stylish running shoe for your casual fitness routine or perhaps as walking shoes, then the standard models in our women's NMD sale will fit the bill very nicely. For a more serious pair of trainers, also on promotion, you can go for our most advanced models, which contain Boost technology in their soles, returning your downward energy to your foot and calf as you push off, giving a springy effect and feel. They have knit uppers for maximum flexibility and stability plugs on the outside of the midsole area to help prevent unnecessary lateral movement, which can stop any ankle turning tendency. Keep an eye out for one-off promotions on our limited edition ranges inspired by fashion icons and other celebrities. You’ll find them at discount prices in our women's NMD outlet too.