Yellow · Hoodies & Sweatshirts


Warm, cosy and trendy yellow hoodies

When you want to keep warm in style, these yellow hoodies provide a way to do just that. These soft outerwear garments are made from plush fabrics that keep you warm when it's chilly. Look for eco-friendly fibres such as cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative when choosing one of these adidas yellow hoodies. Some are crafted from recycled polyester fibres or a blend of recycled fibres and sustainably grown cotton, so you can feel good about your earth-centric choice each time you put on your yellow hoodie from adidas. In addition to the innovative eco-friendly fibres used to craft these hoodies, some have design features such as a crossover neckline to help keep you warm.

Warmth rules

While visually appealing style is a given when you choose one of these adidas yellow hoodies, there are several details integrated into these models to enhance the warmth you enjoy when you're wearing one. Look for side or kangaroo pockets in these yellow hoodies to keep your hands warm and store your mobile phone and keys. Keep cool air away from your forearms and waistline by choosing a style that has ribbed cuffs and a ribbed hem. The fabric construction is another detail that helps keep you warm when you choose a yellow hoodie from this collection. Fabrics include warm and cosy options such as soft French terry to keep you comfortable.

Layered or alone

These yellow hoodies make effective outer layers whether you're looking at a pullover or zip-front style. Wear a pullover as a sweatshirt on chilly days, or layer one of these adidas yellow hoodies over your other slim-cut garments. Yellow hoodie details like drop shoulders and a pleated back for extra room make some styles especially suited to layering over a tank top or t-shirt.