Blue · Gazelle


Make a subtle yet impactful statement with exquisite blue Gazelle

Blue Gazelle from adidas has been the preferred choice of athletes for over five decades. For every generation, these shoes have redefined the conventional classic style in the light of new vogue. It has been revamped with magnificent evolution over the years with fresh splashes of colour and modern design. Blue Gazelle trainers find their place with every athlete that loves understated style. The super soft feel makes for all-purpose trainers that you can wear in the club, at the park or gym gyms, on the street, and even when you're training. Their sleek and functional design provides the ultimate comfort and ease of movement. You will experience a seamless, ultra-soft, feather-like feel that keeps you going for hours on end. The heel patch is incorporated into these models for additional support and the simple rubber sole provides effective traction and stability. These kicks are well-equipped with adidas sweat management and ventilation technology that keeps you cool, dry and fresh, even on hot damp days. It keeps unpleasant foot odour at bay and prevents skin issues. Gazelle shoes with a shorter tongue and slim cut offer a vintage look and feel with a contemporary touch.

Style your adidas Gazelle with your vogue

From kids to youth and grown-up adults, blue Gazelle is a perfect styling tool for all. These shoes the best suited to add more drama to your classic vintage look. Whether you are pairing them with your casuals or track pants they delegate elegance and grace to your overall style. Teaming them with adidas t-shirts and a cool jacket make an instant impression. While kids love adidas Gazelle shoes for their cool appearance, athletes prefer them for the comfort and functionality that boost their performance. Over time, we have added several colours and created multiple designs around their signature features to make them easily blend into your lifestyle. If you prefer sophistication to boldness, Gazelle is the perfect model to add extra charm to your low profile style.

Experience an icon with adidas blue Gazelle shoes

The trainers that defined a generation and continue to be worn around the world, add an iconic pair to your collection with these blue Gazelle shoes. The legendary silhouette remains unchanged but is updated with the latest footwear technology, ensuring you can stay both comfortable and stylish all day long. Presented in various shades of blue with flat rubber soles and the classic 3-Stripes on the sides, these are trainers that continue to make a statement in the world of casual footwear.