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Choose subtle athletic styling with grey running shoes

If you're looking for muted colours in amongst all the high visibility and day-glo modern colours on trainers, a pair of our grey running shoes will do nicely. They're designed to provide a precise fit for your feet for high-performance competition. We've developed our Primeknit textile uppers so that they mould instantly around your foot, requiring no wearing-in time before you can push the pace in earnest. Add to this tailored Fibre Placement technology that has stitched-in reinforcement in strategic areas where your feet take the most pressure at different times in your running stride. It also gives you a secure, locked-in fit. adidas responsive Boost technology is built into the EVA midsole area; it’s comprised of thousands of urethane energy capsules that flex and return energy to your foot every time you push off, helping to make every step a little springier and to prolong your stamina in longer distance runs or races. We also equip our grey trainers with Stretchweb outsoles made from ultra-durable Continental™ rubber.

Lightweight comfort a hallmark of our high-performance grey trainers

The first thing you'll notice about these grey running shoes is how comfortable they are, thanks to all the above tech they contain. They are soft and flexible at the same time as giving a sturdy and supportive feel. You'll find them beautifully balanced in that sense. They also feel incredibly light, almost as if you're not really wearing any running shoes at all. You'll really appreciate this in the late stages of races when your own legs seem to have doubled in weight over the last few miles. They will also keep your feet cool and ventilated, thanks to the breathable properties of those wrap-around uppers, providing an air mesh effect. They come in a regular fit with simple, efficient standard lace closures.