Kids’ TERREX equal comfortable hikes

Nature is one big adventure and kids are all about adventures. Enjoy the outdoors with kids’ TERREX hiking shoes. These shoes can be worn even when it is raining or wet outside. As well as waterproof protection, they also include PrimaLoft® insulation which is perfect for warmth and cosiness. Whether there are inches of snow building up or heavy downpours of rain, the adidas kids’ TERREX is perfect to wear outdoors during any weather condition.

Add TERREX to your hikes

Walking can take a toll on little ones, leaving them uncomfortable and miserable. adidas have created footwear to give your kids a cosy and snugly feel so they can walk for hours without having to bat an eyelid. The comfort in the kids’ TERREX comes from the durable lightweight midsole. The material provides a soft cushioned feel allowing the shoes to fit nicely around your little one's feet and provide extra warmth in colder conditions. Running, climbing, and jumping couldn't be easier as the rubber outsoles provide the perfect grip, keeping your kids firm on the ground and avoiding any accidents. You can have fun with these by choosing one of the beautiful, vibrant colours we have available. Our range features both trainers and boots in multiple colours and designs.

Choosing the right hikers

For younger hikers, we recommend going for the lower cut trainer kids’ TERREX. These are multi-purpose and can be worn during any outdoor activity, whether it's rock climbing or long hikes. These lightweight EVA midsoles have been made for optimal comfort. In addition, the kids’ specific fit feature make them easy to slip on and off before and after hikes. A reflective detail has been added as a great way of keeping an eye on kids in darker, more remote locations.