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Add an extra layer in a perfectly autumnal shade with our burgundy jackets for women. With both bright and muted shades, you can easily find something that fits into your wardrobe. Plus, these burgundy jackets for women are designed to support your workouts, whether you’re at the gym or on the trail. Train in all weather conditions with our burgundy jackets for women made with weather-resistant friendrials, like our RAIN.RDY jackets, that will keep you dry and focused. Opt for high-neck options for extra protection from the wind and the cold. Need something extra tough? You can find jackets with a GORE-TEX shell that will keep you protected on the trail. Fleece jackets are extra warm and cozy, and we’ve got burgundy jackets for women in full-zip, half zip or hoodie styles.

Burgundy jackets for women

Add a fresh sophisticated element to your wardrobe with one of these stylish jackets. The adidas collection brings together sports performance and day-to-day apparel in modern designs. Elegant shades of maroon make the items versatile, so they can easily be worn in more formal settings. Women's burgundy jackets offer immediate comfort with a pull of the zip, letting you stay composed right through the day. Whether you’re heading out for action or relaxation you can feel prepared for anything in a burgundy jacket. Browse the range to find the model that best suits your desires.

The perfect outer layer

Throw on an adidas burgundy jacket and gain control of the conditions. Water-resistant coatings keep the rain at bay so you can carry on with your activities. Despite offering fantastic insulation, burgundy jackets for women are also breathable. This double-sided design approach delivers warmth without overheating. Lightweight fabrics such as nylon and polyester ripstop are used in the construction of the jackets so that you don’t feel weighed down. The strong and stretchy fabrics respond well to multi-directional pulls and hold their shape through wear. Burgundy jackets for women are available with wind-protective overlays to help on days when there is a harsh breeze.

Packed with design features

There are women's burgundy jackets offering everything you need. Models are specifically made for a variety of athletic pursuits including outdoor adventure, running, hiking and snow sports. Casual lifestyle apparel is also available. Grab a jacket with a hood to keep off the rain, or opt for a collared version for a classier appearance. Pocket pouches are common across the line and make for a cosy way to warm your hands. Burgundy jackets for women weave in subtle adidas detail such as the 3-Stripes pattern and Badge of Sport, giving a sporty vibe. Get kitted out in a jacket and embrace the comfort of leaving the house prepared.