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Women’s performance sports tights and leggings

Be fully supported and at your best when you exercise. This collection of women’s performance sports tights and leggings utilises the most innovative sportswear technology to provide a second skin that optimises your workout, exercise or sporting activity. From intelligent materials that work to regulate your body temperature to targeted compression that supports your movements while allowing for total flexibility, these sports leggings and tights for women have been designed with the world’s best athletes in mind to keep you active in total comfort and confidence all-day long.

Supported by technology

These women’s performance sports tights and leggings use the latest technology to support you during your workout. Take your pick to suit your environment, with some pairs using sweat-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry while others use intelligent insulation to keep you warm in wintery conditions. Four-way stretch allows for the full range of body movements without restriction and a combination of overlock and flatlock keeps chafing to an absolute minimum, letting you wear these women’s sports leggings for hours without irritation. Prepared for a whole range of activities, from running and skiing to yoga and boxing, add a pair of these women’s sports leggings to your kit bag and be ready for anything.

Keep it tight

It’s not only high-performance sportswear that adidas is known for: with these performance sports tights and leggings for women, you can also enjoy cutting-edge sportswear style. Choose from solid colour designs or bold prints and muted tones to statement-making shades. Lengths range from ½ to ¾ and ⅞ styles and offer a number of layering options, perfect for combining with a pair of adidas shorts for a running ensemble that provides maximum comfort, practicality and style. For elite sportswear that will always have you covered, you can trust in these adidas women’s sport leggings.