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Women Running White FAST TEEWomen Running White FAST TEE


Women Running

A classic adidas women's white T-shirt that everyone loves

Active, on your feet and seeking comfort? A classic white tee is just what you need. Set your own rules, make them to break them; bright, fresh and renewed with a sense of self-confidence. A classic with the iconic 3-Stripes, the white t-shirt of that perfect fit, a t-shirt that is made just for you. A second skin as you take on the world and keep active, to push your limits and become a better you, every day. Women's white t-shirts are all about looking good and feeling better. Made to lounge, made to move and made to run, every day.

Classic, smart and sporty - white t-shirts for women

A classic that has you ready to take on the world. The adidas women’s white t-shirt even comes with the latest technology of breathable fabrics, so you don’t feel yourself perspire. Feel the burn as you work up a sweat and then the warmth to soothe the strained muscles. It is all breathable, quick-drying and has you ready in no time to take on a new challenge. A classic that can save the world; made of recycled polyester and ocean plastic, we repurpose and refunction to create the classic white t-shirt for the smart woman. The cotton used to make these t-shirts are also part of the Better Cotton Initiative for a sustainable future.

Comfort, style and functionality

In the iconic and eye-catching adidas classic white t-shirt, you feel like yourself and then some. Go the extra mile, but in comfort. An essential to get you through the day as you move, play and relax. Plain white, sporty, minimalist, graphic or a crop top - there’s something for everyone and the choice is entirely yours. Comfort fits and versatile styling possibilities lay ahead of you. The 3-Stripes offer you a classic and iconic women’s white t-shirt for everyday use that’s game for anything!