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Y-3 Black Y-3 Forum Hi OGY-3 Black Y-3 Forum Hi OG

Y-3 Forum Hi OG


Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Crew Sweatshirt
Y-3 Short Sleeve Shirt
Y-3 Classic Track Jacket
Y-3 Crew Socks (2 Pairs)
CH1 Mesh Tee
Y-3 Classic Beanie
Y-3 Idoso Boost
Y-3 Idoso Boost
Y-3 Classic Sling Bag
Y-3 CH1 GORE-TEX Poncho
Y-3 CH2 Sporty Seersucker Hooded Parka
Y-3 Square Label Cap
Y-3 Camo Knit Crew Sweatshirt
Y-3 Craft 3-Stripes Dress
Y-3 Logo Cap
Y-3 CH1 Distressed Reflective Jacket
Y-3 CH2 Airy Gauze Skirt
Y-3 Classic Logo Socks
Y-3 Travel Tee Dress
Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Tee
Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Hoodie
Y-3 Classic Logo Socks
Y-3 CH3 Sanded Cupro Bomber
Y-3 CH3 Sanded Cupro Tee Dress
Y-3 CH2 Sporty Seersucker Blouson
Y-3 Wooly Fleece Graphic Crew Sweatshirt
Y-3 CH1 Eng Knit Skirt
Y-3 CH1 Eng Knit Top
Y-3 Rash Guard
Y-3 Classic Cloud Insulated Bomber Jacket
Y-3 CH2 Pleated Tunik
Y-3 CH2 Pleated Skirt
Y-3 Classic Heavy Piqué Hoodie
Y-3 Classic Sport Uniform Coach Jacket
Y-3 CH3 Sanded Cupro Short Sleeve Tee
Y-3 CH3 Raw Jersey Graphic Short Sleeve Floral Tee
Y-3 Classic Chest Logo Hoodie
Y-3 CH2 Sporty Seersucker Vest
Y-3 CH3 Airy Gauze Slim Fit Tee
Y-3 Classic Sheer Knit Crew Sweater
Y-3 Classic Refined Wool Stretch Hooded Vest
Y-3 Stripes Socks
Y-3 Shiku Run Shoes
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Dramatic Y-3 collection offers Oriental street flair

adidas introduces the exciting Y-3 collection to accentuate your wardrobe with dramatic Oriental flair. Two-way zip sweatshirts and pullover hoodies constructed of luxurious French terry materials feature inspired urban artwork by artist Suzume Ushida. Fashion-forward trousers include straight leg casuals, relaxed cargo pants and wide leg joggers with adjustable cuffs. Grab the spotlight in high-performance footwear with revolutionary heel designs and enjoy the relaxing comfort of platform sandals that convert into sliders for warm weather wear. A cracking line-up of accessories including bags, belts and caps add avant-garde style to any attire.

Enjoy the unrestrained freedom of Y-3 attire

Motivate yourself to get physical with the Y-3 attire collection. Gear up for warm-ups in breathable mesh shorts and short sleeved tee then dunk all over the competition wearing our iconic basketball hi-tops. Let the unrestrained freedom of our cargo pants enhance your next walk and upcoming yoga or dance class. Long sleeved shirts and dresses create flowing outfits for work and school while Eastern-inspired jackets add refreshing glamour on any Western street. Rugged canvas boots will excite the exploration of any hiking trail or excite confidence as suave casuals for the urban environment.

Get a rush wearing adidas Y-3 gear

If you have any eye for detail then you’ll get a rush wearing adidas Y-3 gear. This collection celebrates the oversized fit and flowing lines that represent the essence of traditional Japanese clothing and interlaced them with a dash of brash design features like adjustable chest straps and asymmetrical hemlines. Creative details like these require proper care if they are to retain their shape, so be sure to always follow the instructions printed on the inside care tags. Dry-cleaning and the use of bleach are expressly prohibited. Turn clothing inside out before washing and avoid ironing graphics or printed motifs at all times.