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Y-3 Black Y-3 Kyasu Slip-OnY-3 Black Y-3 Kyasu Slip-On

Y-3 Kyasu Slip-On


Y-3 Black Y-3 Marathon TrailY-3 Black Y-3 Marathon Trail

Y-3 Marathon Trail


Y-3 Green Y-3 SlideY-3 Green Y-3 Slide

Y-3 Slide


Y-3 Black Y-3 Nizza HighY-3 Black Y-3 Nizza High

Y-3 Nizza High


Y-3 White Y-3 GSG9Y-3 White Y-3 GSG9

Y-3 GSG9


Y-3 Black Y-3 Centennial LoY-3 Black Y-3 Centennial Lo

Y-3 Centennial Lo


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Iconic Y-3 shoes promote confidence and responsive performance

From the creative genius of Japanese designer Yuji Yamamoto comes an enigmatic collection of Y-3 footwear, blending classic styling with modern innovation to produce an iconic shoe in every sense. Streamlined uppers constructed of leather, suede and Primeknit textile materials offer persuasive detailing and aesthetics to enclose active feet. EVA midsoles provide an elevated level of comfort while our Boost system delivers incredible responsiveness for dynamic performance at any level. Maintain a solid grip on all surfaces courtesy of rubberised outsoles, which allow you to advance through each day with supreme confidence.

Be exceptionally bold and uncompromising wearing adidas Y-3

Set yourself apart from the rest in Y-3 shoes and let your bold decision make a resounding statement. Allow an uncompromising attitude to fuel every endeavour, demonstrating your abilities when training in the gym, jamming on the court or sprinting along the street. When you’re not delivering punishment in competition, let our high-tops and low-rise trainers astonish onlookers with a masterclass in contemporary urban style. You love to take great care and pride in your presentation, knowing you are exceptional on the inside. Our collection of Y-3 shoes glorifies all that on the outside.

Visually striking Y-3 adidas for all aspects of daily life

If you have an eye for visually striking footwear, there’s much to appreciate in the parade of colour and contrast on offer. The collection of Y-3 adidas entails more than just high-performance athletic and stylish leisurewear essentials. You can also find attractive sliders for home/studio use that transform into glamorous beach/pool wear when days are hot and balmy. Browse the complete Y-3 clothing repertoire for selected garments to create outfits capable of accentuating your individuality, and pair these with a few Y-3 accessories to establish yourself as a fashion icon worthy of the title.