With the pressures of everyday life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable – maybe even on-edge, or just not quite like yourself. That’s why it’s time to get comfortable. It can help you stand up to the world around you and be the best you. Because when you’re the most honest, real version of yourself, you unlock new possibilities. But sometimes you may not know how to make your favorite comfy clothes work in every situation. Not to worry. Our SVP of Apparel Design, Josefine Aberg, has compiled a list of 10 useful tips to help make your sportswear fit naturally into your everyday life.

1. What article of clothing should you begin with when creating a new look?

Josefine: A lot of people start from the ground up, picking their trainers first, then the pants and top to match. Others might start with apparel then match the footwear – either way is ok, but what you choose first will always have an impact on what you choose after.

2. What wardrobe staples would you recommend to achieve a range of looks?

J: From classic oversized tees or sweatshirts, to slim or cropped-cut designs – these styles offer smart-casual silhouettes with comfort. You can always pair these with loose-cut pants or skirts for a contemporary look that speaks to you.


3. How to choose colors:

J: Choosing what colors to wear is unique to everyone. You have to consider your skin tone, mood, or simply what you want to express to the world. You can pile on all sorts of colors to stand out, or keep it sharp with one dominant color, one additional, and some small pops throughout.

4. How to take your look from the sofa to the streets:

J: Sportswear offers versatility in all settings – it just matters what you’re combining it with. It’s important to have a range of smart-casual hybrid outfits on-hand that appeal to you and the activity you’re about to go do.

5. How to create a luxe streetwear look:

J: You never have to sacrifice comfort for style. Mix smart-casual tops and bottoms with your sportswear to have less of an athletic look, and more of a casual-office outfit.

6. How to incorporate different fabrics into your look:

J: There’s a lot of room to reinterpret fabrics and how you’re mixing them. You can create a top-to-toe uniform with the same fabrics, or mix it up for a more varied look. Both options work – it all goes back to what you want to express!


7. How to style sweatpants:

J: You’ll find lots of ways to bring this classic style to life. Work with the size and fit that you prefer, then use socks as an accessory to work with different styles. It may be surprising how many looks you can create around this simple garment.

8. How to style gray joggers:

J: For women, a tighter, more colorful top works nicely, while for guys, matching grey sweatpants with a gray top is always a safe choice. Thankfully, gray is a neutral tone that works in almost any situation.

9. How to style a hoodie:

J: There are so many ways to transform this classic comfort-driven style into new looks by pairing it with tailored trousers, track pants or tights. Plus, you can always layer on more outerwear like a vest or simple loose-fitting tee.


10. How to style an oversized shirt:

J: To add a sense of elegance to an otherwise simple-cut style, you can pair your oversized shirts with slim-cut pants.

Comfort never rests, it rules.

With so many ways to incorporate sportswear into your everyday wardrobe, you can be your most comfortable self at all times. Check out our latest collection to find your comfort.