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The adidas Samba Size Guide

Discover classic adidas heritage through the fit and feel of the one and only Samba.

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How to Style Chunky Footwear: the New Stan Smith

A heritage icon evolves beyond the court and into new chunky sneaker territory.

Adidas/Eylül 06, 2023
Forum: How To Style Basketball Shoes

Basketball sneakers — especially adidas Forums — are everywhere. Sported by rappers, athletes, supermodels and even your next-door neighbour, everyone seems to have a pair. But what gave the shoe its spotlight moment? Released in ‘84, the adidas Forum with its distinctive ankle strap for added support was a serious game-changer (literally). Aside from its next-level performance, the Forum’s leather upper ushered in an era of sport-for-style. The court classic quickly evolved into a coveted streetwear staple that continues to make waves in fashion and sport. But often there’s a concern on how to style the shoe, especially high-rise Forums. When styling Forums with pants — to tuck or not to tuck? Do they go well with dresses and skirts? What if I work a 9-5, how can I style the made-for-sport sneaker? We’ll let you in on a secret: there are no rules. You can rock Forums whichever way you like, but if you’re unsure how to start styling them— we’ve got you covered. THE CONCRETE RUNWAY: One source of inspiration are professional basketball players. During arena walk-ins, they hold the power to make or break fashion trends. That’s why it’s called the ‘concrete runway’ – a tradition where players turn pre-games into opportunities to flex their fashion finesse. Because professional b-ball players helped turn on-court classics into an everyday essential, they’re a prime source of inspiration for how to style your Forums. GET THE LOOK: Like players who pair sneakers with suits, don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles to create a unique and personalised fit. Taking a page from their style playbook, try pairing loose-fitting slacks with an oversized tee, statement accessories and adidas Forums in your favourite colourway. To add that extra something, throw on a leather jacket or bomber to complete the look. STAY GAME-READY: But it’s not just the pre-games where we can take fashion inspiration from basketball players. Here’s how you can recreate their on-court looks as well. GET THE LOOK: For that straight off the court look, experiment with a variety of made-for-sport silhouettes. How about a short-sleeve hoodie paired with drawstring basketball shorts, adidas crew socks and Forum 84 High shoes? If you’re going for a more laidback look, pair your favourite Forums with sweats and a comfy hoodie. FROM THE BASELINE TO BUSINESS MEETINGS: Business meets basketball. Thinking of bringing a sporty edge to your next meeting? We’ve got you. GET THE LOOK: To add a touch of street style to your fit, pick out a pair of Forum Lows (bonus points if the Forums match your suit!) Finally, throw on a long overcoat to complete the look. SPORTY CHIC: If you lean towards styles like dresses, skirts and delicate fabrics, shake things up with a pair of adidas Forums. GET THE LOOK: Pair a bright sundress, a form-fitting bodycon or your favourite dress silhouette with Forum Lows. Feeling chilly? No sweat. For the colder seasons, pair a thick maxi dress with a leather jacket, winter accessories and your adidas Forum Lows. A TIMELESS TRAINER: No matter your vibe, the adidas Forum is a shoe that you can work into any style. Whether you’re all for bold colours or muted tones, fitted formal wear or oversized casual, Forums are the go-to choice to compliment your individuality. So, if you’re looking for the perfect kicks for your fit, adidas Forums may just be your ideal match.

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Hip Hop's Superstar: How Music Influenced Sneaker Style

When it comes to discovering the origins of hip-hop fashion and sneaker style, it’s a chicken or egg situation. Did hip-hop create a new fashion movement or did it simply popularise an already-existing style? To find our answer, we need to look to the streets of New York from the 1970s onwards. A CULTURAL CHAMELEON: For the past four decades, the crisp leather and distinctive shell-toe of the adidas Superstar has acted as a blank canvas for culture creators everywhere. From its inception as an innovative basketball sneaker in the 1970s, to its emergence within hip-hop culture in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and to finally achieving mainstream appeal in the 2010s, the adidas Superstar has truly earned its stripes. The fittingly named adidas Superstar is considered an icon in sneaker history. Worn by each decade’s most influential personalities from star athletes, rappers and musicians to supermodels and streetwear enthusiasts, Superstars are sported by crews of daring changemakers who believe creativity reigns king. But what drove the on-court kicks to evolve into a coveted cultural symbol? Let’s take a quick peek into the history of hip-hop to find out. HIP-HOP HISTORY 101: To get a feel for how the adidas Superstar claimed icon status, we need to start by looking into hip-hop’s indisputable influence on style. Hip-hop is about more than sound — it’s an entire culture. Formed by the young Black minds of 1970s New York, they combined intoxicating funk and disco beats mixed with lyrical poetry to express their experiences of growing up in urban America. As New York’s block parties and dance floors caught wind of the electrifying sounds and energising lyrical commentary, the style attracted partygoers, break-dancers and graffiti artists, each adding their personal mark to the movement. As a result, hip-hop quickly evolved beyond the streets of New York and onto some of the world’s biggest stages, bringing with it a unique fashion style. THE START OF AN ERA: In the ‘80s a signature hip-hop style was in the works. Street photographers would weave their way into block parties, capturing the b-boys and b-girls rocking up in tracksuits, flat caps, layered chains and bling rings. As the hip-hop scene grew, the genre’s greats switched out flashy disco-inspired fits for adidas tracksuits, leather jackets and black jeans — a style native to the streets of New York. 90s NOSTALGIA: As we entered the 90s, hype for the Superstar never waned. In fact, love for the shoe only increased. The Superstar quickly spread beyond hip-hop communities and gained a loyal following from skate communities and the decade’s various emerging subcultures. EVOLVING TOGETHER: Today, hip-hop style continues to dominate the fashion world while adidas remains a household name within the collective. Since entering the hip-hop scene in its early stages, adidas has evolved alongside the community. As hip-hop culture grows and changes with each passing decade, the Superstar, too, continues to take on new forms. THREE STRIPES FOR LIFE: Since the 1970s, Superstars have served as a launching ground for countercultures worldwide. The shoe itself embodies rebellion — originally designed for sport, it was remixed by communities to represent creativity and bold expression. To this day, the spirit of the Superstar is upheld by its wearers. Whether hitting venues as a concertgoer, pounding pavement as a skater, or sprucing up fits as a streetstyle enthusiast — the Superstar silhouette invites creators from all corners to disrupt the status quo and celebrate originality in all its forms.

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2023 Trend Check: Bloke-Core

Wondering what to wear in 2023? We got you covered. We’ve scrolled through social media, sussed out what streetwear trendsetters are wearing and can confirm — the Gazelle is quickly reclaiming it-shoe status. Core-trends in particular help determine what’s hot. So, if you’re looking for some fresh style inspo or want to stay on the pulse of what’s trendy, keep reading. GETTING TO THE CORE You’ve probably heard of different -core style trends floating around online — cottage-core, retro-core, angel-core — but let’s be real, what does any of this even mean? Simply put, ‘-core fashion trends’ are the latest way to embody niche fashion and lifestyle trends. Whether you’re loyal to cottage-core’s light flowy fabrics, straw hats and floral patterns or you’re dusting off mom’s box of ‘80s clothes for a retro-core vibe, ‘-core fashion trends’ express specific aesthetics through style. In 2023, bloke-core is getting all the hype — let’s see what it’s all about. BLOKE-CORE & BLOKETTE-CORE: WHEN FOOTBALL CULTURE MEETS FASHION Leading up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ fans excitedly sported football jerseys — pairing their tees with everyday wear like low-rise jeans, funky belts and most importantly: adidas trainers. ‘Bloke-core’ quickly earned a spot in the streetwear hall of fame thanks to a growing love for vintage apparel and footwear. And, with the upcoming FIFA Women´s World Cup™, the style is surely here to stay. ‘Bloke-core’ as the style was named, took inspiration from ‘blokes’ in the ‘90s who would sport football attire on and off the pitch. (A ‘bloke’ is UK slang for men who live and breathe football.) With the ball rolling, the trend quickly made its way beyond football fans and into the grasp of this generation’s streetwear trendsetters. GET THE LOOK: To nail bloke-core, tuck your favourite football jersey into loose jeans or cargo pants with your belt of choice. To accessorise, stack on some rings, throw on a beanie or cap and finish off your fit with adidas Gazelles. (Bonus points if you’re rocking a mullet or moustache). BLOKETTE ON THE BLOCK Looking to add an element of feminine flair to your look? We got you — there’s also a sister trend to bloke-core: blokette-core. Blokette meshes feminine fits such as skirts, tights, jewellery and delicate patterns with the bold colours and prints of football jerseys. Recently, supermodels and trendsetters have joined the Blokette hype, pairing their choice of football jerseys and skirts with adidas trainers. GET THE LOOK: Start with a cropped or full-length jersey from your fave football team. Next, pair the top with a skirt and an athletic zip-up jacket. Don’t forget to accessorise with sunglasses, ribbons, legwarmers or dainty jewellery. Of course, tie your look together with a pair of adidas Gazelles. Hot tip: Gazelle’s come in an extensive variety of colours — so take your pick and cop a pair that matches your football club’s colours. A SHOE THAT KEEPS UP Since the 1960s, the versatile Gazelle has remained one of adidas’ most iconic sneakers. Lending itself to trends of the past, present and future, the Gazelle is continuously reimagined and restyled — living up to its reputation as a modern classic for all.

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6 Ways To Style Your Gazelle Sneakers

With their classic design and plethora of effortless yet elevated styling options, Gazelle shoes feel more relevant today than ever. Here’s how to make them your own.